Tap Handles

A huge segment of our business is made up of the design and manufacture of tap handles and POP for the beer brewing industry.  We are recognized as one of the few manufacturing companies still hand crafting top quality tap handles , and our clients are constantly satisfied with our design input, short lead times, and ability to bring their vision to life. Currently we are manufacturing over 50,000 tap handles a year but we are hungry for more. With that said, keep on drinkin!


Client/End user list:  Magic Hat Breweries, Genesee, North American Breweries, Fiddlehead, Traveler Beer Company, Labatt, Pyramid Breweries, Dundee, Traveler Beer Company, Annheuser Busch, Coney Island, Concrete Beach, Long Trail, Otter Creek, Woodchuck Cider, Russian Standard, Collective Arts, Wolavers, Angel City.