Rennline is a custom metal fabrication job shop and also an industry leader in unique, after market, motorsport accessories for German automobiles. Rennline was started by Paul Jacques, a native Vermonter, who has had gas in his veins since birth. Over the years, Paul's reputation has brought



Rennline Inc. is located in Milton, Vermont just minutes north of Burlington and within close proximity to Montreal, Canada.

to him such projects ranging from MTV music awards to the Dual Ammunition Feed on the militaries XM 307 Air Bursting Weapons System.


Our abilities includes: CNC waterjet cutting , CNC milling and turning operations, bending, forming, welding, embossing, casting, powder coating, painting, anodizing and we even have an in-house screen printing operation. Our extremely diverse facility allows us to design, as well as, prototype and manufacture to meet the needs of most any customer.  This aspect gives us constant and consistent control over innovation, quality, and pricing of any job that comes in house.


We know what it takes to make our customers happy. To do that, we guarantee every product we offer, and strive to provide excellent service. We listen to what you have to say and work very hard to put your suggestions into practice. One of our customers recently sent us an e-mail that said, "Your company is truly unique in today's world, I thought that customer service was a thing of the past until I came across Rennline." That is just the way we want our customers to feel. So, if you have ideas about ways in which we can provide better service, or thoughts about new products, please let us know. It is your feed-back that allows us to continuously evolve our product line into the excellence that we are driven to achieve.

Ralph Constantini


Shop Supervisor      

John Kohutich


Senior Fabricator    

Jake Teffner



Paul Jacques



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