Ability to cut and machine any of the materials required in the alternative energy field.  

Whether its blanking out structural parts, or designing and fabricating stairs and railings, we can handle whatever you may need.

With over 6000 SKU numbers in our own product line, we know what it takes to manufacturing reliable, high performaning parts.                    

Rennline has created a name for itself as one of the only creative fabrication facilities in New England and after years of experience we can build just about anything you need. Through our experience we can help consult you to a final product thats both attractive and manufacturable.                    

With a large portion of the company dedicated to our Rennline Automotive Division, we have years of experience developing and manufacturing parts for the automotiuve world, whether it be on the street or on the racetrack.              

Whether you've got napkin cad, or fully dimensioned files, we can help get you what you need. Our capabilities and clientelle range from designing and manufacturing signage for local colleges, to machining jet engine parts for the F-18 Fighter Jets.                            

Industrial Fabrication


Creative Fabrication


Precision cutting of exotic materials, offering substantial increases in material yield.

For examples of our work, select your industry below.

We have extensive experience developing and manufacturing all sorts of POP products to help catch the consumers eye.                

From sandwhich signs on Church Street, VT to hotel signs in Dubai, we have a huge portfolio of high end sign work.      

We manufacture over 50,000 tap handles for the brewing industry annually. Contact us with your tap needs whether its consulting or manufacturing.                      

From foam sports flooring to marble floor murals, we can help bring your vision to life.            

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